Special 90's BACK!

Especial 90's BACK!

Next Saturday 16 May 2015 from the 00.00h, Entrance 7 euros, includes cup.

Casino: from 1994

21 ANNIVERSARY CASINO, next Saturday 16 May 2015 want to celebrate with all you ours 21 anniversary with a special "90's BACK" with Dj NU (resident) and Juanma (invited) to charge of the musical selection of this big decade in which it was born the room.

As in the party "Spirits Of The 80's by Juanma" go to have photocall, like this have a yours memory of the event.

Besides we want to appreciate you your presence in this special party with gifts for all, that will give with the consumptions.

And also we invite you to a consumption (beer/freshen) if you come characterised of the 90s !!

Next Saturday 16 MAY 2015 from the 00.00h

Musical session by Dj NU (90's Back!) And Juanma (Hits Disk 90s)

ENTRANCE 7 euros, includes cup

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