From 1994 they have programmed a lot of concerts of bands, and acoustic.

The musical stage of the room is very wide, from groups consolidated until Jam Sessions.

During these 20 years the room has gone transforming according to the demand.

At the beginning the two environments (Casino and Kombo) were joined, and the concerts made in the first room.

Shortly after these spaces remained more differentiated, and separate. It was then when they began to make concerts in the second room. 

To finals of the 90's the two environments changed his name to turn into two nocturnal rooms independent: Cute Room and Stereo Club.

In Cute Room programmed concerts and sessions djs of pop rock. In Stereo Club sessions djs of electronics and special parties, like this also like some concert, although no with so much assiduity like the another room.

With date 24 September 2013 Casino goes back to have the essence of his inauguration and first years. And of course, it will follow offering a programming of concerts, in the second room "Casino Club".

If have a group and would like you touch, writes to

Also can call to the telephone 650 36 00 45, or do us arrive the maqueta to the venue.

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